The only two things that shouldn’t be on your “approved” healthy lifestyle list are fear and guilt.

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I’ve never been one of those “lucky” girls who could eat whatever she wanted, never work out, and still feel good about my body. I’m 5’1”, I had knick names growing up like The Brick and Xena the Warrior Princess because I am strong like bull, and I’ve got curves for daaaaaays.

In a world that bombardes us with visual images throughout the day, it takes effort to stay grounded. I got there by shifting my perspective.

I started at a place of ill health after being diagnosed with celiac disease and having my failing gall bladder removed. The hardest part of healing, and the piece that makes it all worth while and lasting, was reframing my mentality. A Course In Miracles taught me to release fear and guilt and embrace love. As a result, I’m able to enjoy #allthefoods and still live a healthy lifestyle where I feel good physically, I feel good about my choices, and maintain balance.

How food guilt looks…

You bake a pan of delicious brownies. It comes out of the oven and you give your kiddo(s) and yourself a little taste test while you cut the pan into little squares. A half hour later, you sneak another nibble to get you through the “witching” hour. Another little nibble after dinner, cause ya know, dessert. As you’re cleaning up the kitchen, you realize you’ve eaten half the pan. The inner guilt that washes over you triggers you to throw the rest of the pan into the trash - forget the kids, you have to save yourself from yourself! You’re about to go up for the night… instead of heading up the stairs, you head back to the trash and dig out the brownies that are sending you their siren call. You stuff as many as you can in your face before you go to bed.

The next morning, you feel sooooo guilty (not only did you eat almost an entire pan of brownies, but now your kids don’t get any), you punish yourself by not allowing yourself to have anything indulgent - salads and grilled chicken only… until that backfires and you’re thrown right back down the rabbit hole.

That is what living what food guilt looks like.

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You deserve to experience the joy freeing yourself of food restrictions gifts you.

After coaching hundreds of people for more than five years, I gotta tell ya, no “diet” is ever going to free you from that kind of guilt. In fact, most diets are just going to perpetuate the cycle. My grad school experience was founded on food-based nutrition, looking at the whole person, and built upon my already existing knowledge of food.

I wholeheartedly believe food is meant to be enjoyed without simultaneously being detrimental to your health. You are meant to have a high quality of life. You deserve to feel clear-headed, strong, and healthy No matter where you’re starting from, a life free of food guilt IS possible. Why will this time be different? Because in addition to the smarts many others have out there (nutrition and food), I know one thing others don’t - you have to break free of the food-guilt cycle in order to reach your true health potential and I have the tools to help you get there.

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live joyfully.

She left the old story behind her and stepped into a new once upon a time.