your soul is hungry. feed it.

TRUTH: People’s health status often has nothing to do with the food they eat.


The most seemingly backward sentiment I learned while in grad school for Nutrition + Dietetics has proven to be the most powerful lesson I have learned in helping people improve their health.

Obviously, food does play a role in your health. BUT, what you eat is only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. The habits you have created, the beliefs you hold; they have all been created by you to serve a specific purpose. At their core, most habits originate in fear - we create a habit or behave a certain way because we are fearful of something.

These fear-based habits and behaviors keep you locked into a pattern that prevents you from reaching your health goals. To break free of the chains, you have to break free of fear, and its sidekicks, guilt and shame.


By getting out of your head, releasing fear, and living from your heart space AKA love, you CAN live a life that is in alignment with your health goals… Without feeling deprived… Without feelings of guilt when you “cheat”… Without the back and forth of the yoyo weight game.

It’s time to start moving closer to your health goals in a way that will gift you freedom for the rest of your life. Are you ready for your best life?