Light Lasso Meditation

I’m super pumped to introduce my first meditation in what I hope is to become a running series! I wrote this after pulling an oracle card - Lady Portia of Divine Order. The card asks, “Do what you feel is right. An important lesson is unfolding.”

After reading more about Lady Portia, I asked Spirit to send a meditation through me for you on letting go of binding cords that may be contributing to the imbalance of justice in today’s world.

Light + Love,


Mamas I Admire - MIA

For those who don’t know this term, it stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck, to put it bluntly. When you really spell it out like that, this knickname that so many strive for seems pretty degrading, really. It is a male-driven standard that solely takes into account a woman’s appearance, rather than her self-worth.

As women continue to shift the societal balance and rise up, I would like to create a more empowering word for us to emulate instead… MIA: Mama I Admire. Instead of competing with each other, let’s lift ourselves and the women around us up and build a sense of community where we can ALL thrive!

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Has my good fortune caused a limiting belief?

with all of these things stacked in my favor, what is holding me back from reaching my FULL potential?

to truly answer this question, the only place to look is inward. what limiting belief has me in chains?

my success AKA fortune in this life is dependent on the men around me.

that's it. that is the horrifying and simple truth of it.

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What does 'Never Forget' mean?

I saw a comment on one of the few 9/11 posts I’ve seen so far today asking, “I am genuinely asking, what does ‘never forget’ mean?” I actually think this was being asked from a heartfelt place and it made me take pause and reflect. For me, this means to never forget the lives lost and why they were lost – the men who had their own set of fears of Americans flying the planes. It means remembering to lift one another up as we did in the days following those tragic events. It means interacting with one another from a place of love, acceptance, and empathy. It means dissolving the fear that created the travesty in the first place, not succumbing to it and adding more fuel to its fires.

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